MANZ HOLDINGS (ManzHold) was established for corporate management purposes by products and services at Group level. As the groups parent company it holds 100% interest in its subsidiaries in order to decide how to distribute resources and manage the subsidiaries earnings, power and economic segments. The subsidiaries are monitored separately by management.

Research & Development

Research and Development is the key component for the successful expansion of ManzHold’s cross-industry technology and product portfolio. In further strengthening its position as a company, driving innovation in growth industries, research and development activities will also play an important role for the companies future growth.

Manz Holdings FMS

Manz Holdings Financial management system is organised centrally. In order to minimize risks and make use of the potential to optimize activities across the entire group.

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The company concentrates its decisions about subsidiaries on Financing , Investments and operational activities within the group. ManzHold is positioning itself to contribute to the transformation of South Africa’s economic landscape thus ensuring that a “Better Life for All” becomes a reality.

ManzHold follows value based financing principles in order to secure its liquidity at all times, limit financial risks and optimizing the cost of capital. The company strives for a well-balanced debt maturity profit. It utilizes empowerment initiatives as a means for providing training, management and other opportunities for subsidiaries, shareholders and social responsibilities and in so doing, being able to empower itself.