Below is a lit of projects undertaken by our subsidiary Nelutha Consulting

Function Project Description Client Location Subsidiary/Partner Status
Transactional Advisory Team

  Needs and Options Analysis for Port Nolloth
  Development & De Aar Logistics Hub  

 Department of Transport,    Safety & Liaison, Northern  Cape Province

 Port Nolloth

 De Aar

  TM Consulting
Lead Project Management   Research and feasibility studies for the viability of
  building a New Port in the Mamakwa District
  & upgrading   the existing port and building
  De Aar logistics hub  
 Department of Transport,  Safety & Liaison, Northern  Cape Province   Port  Nolloth/De  Aar    Nelutha
  TM Consulting
Stakeholder Management

 Project manage the development Of dam
 building  destroyed by floods Along Orange River

 Department of agriculture  Northern cape  Upington    Nelutha
  Iliso Consulting
Project Management   Presidential & department of Agriculture -
 Fetsa Tlala  Project 
 Agriculture, Land & Rural  Development  Kuruman    Nelutha Consulting   2013
Service Provider/ Solution Finding

 Transform the pit bucket system to modern
 sanitation  system ( flush toilets)

 Rural development - Free  State Province   Edenvale-  Kroonstad    Nelutha
  etsho Consulting